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About Nippon Tea

About Us

We distribute authentic Japanese Tea in conjunction with consultation services to provide professional instruction to prepare Japanese Tea.

Nippon Tea is run by the only professional Japanese Tea specialist in New Zealand. Director Chiwako Hoshina is a certified Japanese Tea Advisor, whose family in Japan own a Japanese Tea leaf store currently in its 4th generation.

Chiwako has founded Nippon Tea to promote authentic Japanese tea to the New Zealand Market. Chiwako would like to introduce and educate New Zealanders about the many health benefits of high quality Japanese Tea. This is not limited to online information, but also in the form of in-person demonstrations to show what cannot be experienced through the computer screen. 
She has worked in the hospitality industry serving Japanese Tea for over 6 years and gained valuable experience. She is a member of the Japanese Tea Instructor Association (a Japanese Government supported non-profit organisation) and actively writes articles for their journal about New Zealand Tea trends.

Chiwako was officially recognized as a Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador by the Japan Tea Export Council for establishing a high quality Japan-based brand and contributing to the efforts by the Japanese government to reach 1 trillion yen in agricultural exports by 2019. There are currently 18 officially certified Japanese tea advisors working as ambassadors overseas, across 12 countries.


Why Choose Nippon Tea

  • Extensive knowledge of Japanese Tea
  • Authentic Japanese Tea specialist - Certified Japanese Tea Adviser (The equivalent to a sommelier for Japanese Tea)
  • Connection with various associations in Japan
  • Hospitality experience
  • Thorough understanding of the local New Zealand community having lived in the country for over 20 years

Our Products
Our products are quality ensured and delivered as fresh as possible, direct from Tokyo Japan.

Our Vision
To set a trend for authentic beverages consumption for well-being.

Our Mission
To achieve success through the provision of effective information and services based on client requirement.