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Business Consultation & Tasting Seminars

We offer business consultation from New Zealand's only certified Japanese tea adviser and Japanese tea specialist in New Zealand. This includes tasting seminars for hotels, cafes, restaurants and other food businesses. We also provide services for businesses involved in health and well-being such as spas, beauty salons and health professionals.

With Nippon Tea, consumers are guaranteed a healthy and authentic green tea experience. Our quality product ensures your business retains its trusted and upmarket image. 

Please contact us if you'd like more information or to book an appointment.


Our Japanese Green Tea is not the cheapest tea available, however it is 100% authentic and of the freshest and highest quality possible. With Green Tea's growing status and popularity, alongside its undeniable health benefits, our authentic products are well worth the investment and are a definite must for any business who wish to provide a high-end product for their customers.

Our Services

  • Advise and assist in introducing authentic Japanese Green Tea to your menu
  • Product selection consultation (Tea leaves, tea pots, cups)
  • Staff training - how to prepare the tea professionally and to gain the most health benefits
  • Special Event Operation - Japanese Tea seminar, parties