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Nippon Tea is run by the only professional Japanese Tea specialist in New Zealand. Chiwako Hoshina is a certified Japanese Tea Adviser and supplies authentic Japanese Tea to New Zealander's from her families 4th generation Tea Leaf store in Japan.

All products are quality assured and delivered as fresh as possible, direct from Tokyo Japan.

If you'd like to experience the health benefits of this best quality Japanese Tea for yourself, you can purchase online and choose a tea from our extensive range to best suit your needs.

If you're in the hospitality or health industry and you'd like to offer top quality authentic Japanese Tea to your clients or customers, have a look at our business consultation services or contact us to arrange a tasting seminar.

Matcha - Organic

Matcha is a very special tea only in Japan and is specifically different from powdered green tea. Matcha is a fine powder of a stone milled from Tencha (made from the leaves of especially shade grown tea trees). Tencha is only about 10% of the original harvest, and it takes 1 hour to produce 40g of Matcha. When drinking Matcha you are receiving the full benefits of green tea as the whole tea leaf is being consumed. 

Leaf Tea

Our leaf teas are the highest quality with our tea leaf store in Tokyo.

Nippon Tea is not your ordinary tea shop. Our store in Tokyo is now in its 4th generation and has been an undeniably important part of the community, offering all suppliers and consumers a friendly and professional experience. Nippon Tea is now proud to provide all New Zealanders the same quality products and services alongside the advantages to you and your wellbeing. Direct from Japan, we offer a variety of teas, some of which can only be ordered through us; so get in touch because Nippon Tea will surely be your go-to quali-tea cuppa.


Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

by Chiwako Hoshina December 25, 2023

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