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Filter in Bottle 750ml Serve cold brewed Japanese tea like wine with your meal Green or Red

Great for Christmas present !

Filter in bottle: the stylish entertaining item for healthy beverage

Filter-in-bottle is specially designed to brew tea with cold water.

Tea leaves in the bottle is freely swimming around to infuse maximize its flavour- Jumping leaves-, and the filter inside the bottle is strain the leaves and results make a perfect cold brew tea into your glass straight from the bottle.

Filter-in-bottle is made

  1. Bottle part is glass, heatproof glass (heatproof temperature difference 120℃.)
  2. Filter mesh is Polypropylene (heatproof temperature difference 120℃.)
  3. Bottle spout and Stopper are Silicone (handles temperatures up to 180℃)

Made in Japan

This product is dishwasher safe. Please follow the instruction of your dishwasher manual.


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