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Matcha (Organic)

  • Balanced, Smooth - Cafe grade, stone milled. Standard quality organic matcha, mixed with first and second pick leaves. Perfect for adding to blended drinks or in smoothies, lasstes, savoury sauces and desserts.

  • Uji, Kyoto
  • Serving size: 60ml

    Water temperature: 70-80℃

    2g powder

    Sift matcha into a cup using a small sifter. Stir with a whisk until fully dissolved.

    Perfect for adding to blended drinks and desserts.

  • Consumption of the whole tea leaf enables high nutritional value, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Fibres, and Beta-carotene (i.e. non water-soluble components) addition with water soluble components. Matcha has a average level of L-Tehanine and L-Theanine, combined with caffeine, melts away stress and anxiety, and allows one to focus on the present task

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