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  • Luxurious, Rich, Umami - Gyokuro is a refined shade grown Japanese green tea.  Being shade grown causes both the amino acid theanine and the alkaloid caffeine in the tea leaves to increase, yielding a sweeter and more concentrated flavour.

    It is one of the most expensive and luxurious types of green tea available in Japan. Be mindful when brewing this by using lower temperature water.

    50g bag = 30 cups

  • Uji, Kyoto
  • Serving size: 30ml

    Water temperature: 60°c

    Tea leaf: 5g

    Infuse: 90-120seconds

    2nd time: 30seconds

    3rd time: 15seconds

  • Contains a high level of caffeine, however L theanine acts in synergy with caffeine. This comes from L-Theanine’s stimulation of the alpha brain waves, which produce a calming effect. L-Theanine, combined with caffeine, melts away stress and anxiety, and allows one to focus on the present task.

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Type: Japanese Green Tea

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