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  • Clean, Mellow, Refreshing - A steamed green tea from the Shizuoka. Sencha is one of Japan's most popular and beloved teas. It produces a rich, mellow textured tea, with a clean and very refreshing green aroma. The cup develops a balanced flavour with a rounded finish that coats the palate. Our Sencha has a classic Sencha flavour.

    50g bag = 34 cups

  • Shizuoka
  • Serving size: 80ml

    Water temperature: 80℃

    Tea leaf: 3g

    Infuse: 60seconds

    2nd time: 20seconds

  • Sencha contains a high level of Vitamin C, which retains in the hot tea thanks to the presence and high level of Catechin.

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Type: Japanese Green Tea

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