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Genmaicha with Matcha ( Genmaicha Matcha )

  • Natty, Aromatic - An original house blend that results in an extremely deep and creamy green tea with extra colour and body from the Matcha. It has a sweet nuttiness from the roasted brown rice and clean fresh notes from the Sencha. A great Japanese tea for beginners as it is easy to brew.

    50g bag = 34 cups

  • Shizuoka, Aichi

    Original Blend

  • Serving size: 150ml

    Water temperature: 100°c

    Tea leaf: 3g

    Infuse: 20seconds

    2nd time: 10seconds

  • This tea combines sencha leaves, roasted brown rice and matcha powder, to form a mild and pleasantly aromatic tea with all the nutritional benefits of each ingredient.

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Type: Japanese Green Tea

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