Prepare Matcha easily without a traditional bamboo whisk. 

Enjoy real Matcha without hassle, anytime anywhere!

Developed by Japanese tea professionals.

SIZE: W55.5 * H75.5mm,                 

Capacity: 50ml (20ml line inside ) 

Heatproof temperature: under 40C *Please do not use hot water. 

Material / component: Material Cap : High-density polyethylene
Main Unit: polypropylene,  Made in Japan

How to use: 

Make concentrated Matcha water with the Matcha mini shaker.

Simply fill up to the line in the shaker with water (20ml) then add in 2g Matcha. 

Secure the lid on and shake 20 times. 

Then use for your preference: 

- Add more hot or cold water for a traditional tea

- Add cold or hot milk for a latte 

- Add lemonade or soda water for a refreshing summer drink

- Mix with sparkling wine

- Mix with beer - IPA is the great match 

 - add to baking and desserts