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Premium Sencha - New Harvest 2024 Just arrive from Japan

  • The new harvest 2024 (Shincha) is now available. Our New Harvest 2024 is from Shizuoka, Japan.

  • Shincha is the very first harvest of the year and is carefully processed to leave the natural grassy flavour and fresh aroma. Shincha is the tea equivalent of the Beaujolais Nouveau wines of France.

  •  Brewing Tip: 

    • 1st brew:
    • Water temperature; 70c-80c
    • Infuse 20-40 seconds
    • 2nd brew:
    • Water temperature; 80c
    • Infuse 10-20 seconds


    If you would like to enjoy a sweeter flavour, please use lower water temperature and infuse for a little bit longer.

    If you would like to enjoy the fresh aroma, please use higher water temperature and infuse for a shorter time.

    The higher grades, like our Sencha Premium, have a more delicate flavour profile and is more full-bodied, sweet, and smoother than most Senchas.

    50g bag = 50 cups

  • Shizuoka
  • Serving size: 60ml


  • Sencha contains a high level of Vitamin C, which retains in the hot tea thanks to the presence and high level of Catechin. Premium has a higher L- Theanine content of our Sencha products.

  • Our brewing instruction is standard; if you are the first time trying Premium Sencha New 2024  please start a shorter brewing time such as 10 seconds and find out your preference. As with all teas, the longer you leave it to brew, the stronger the flavour will get.


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